Gift Set - On The Go

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 Here is the perfect set to spoil yourself or a loved one!

Plus, they're all made here! Supporting local has never been easier!

The On The Go set includes:

  • 5 sheet roll White
  • 5 sheet yellow roll
  • KLIIN roll holder
  • Fruit & Vegetable Nutrient Powder, Good Morning Harvest flavor 120g
  • Pretty Ugly Sweet Salsa 375ml
  • Nut & Chocolate Snack Pow 200g

More information on our partners: Blends can be used in a variety of ways. Directly with milk, or in recipes. It's like salt & pepper, but healthy. You can add it everywhere and dose it to your taste! Packaged in compostable bags and labels, the fruit and vegetable powder contains no foreign ingredients, only local ingredients.

Snack Pow: Snacks in cans in an innovative container. This new way of consuming a snack in a can offers a wide and secure opening, a pin-type sealed metal lid, non-cutting, resealable and recyclable.

The pretty ugly company: Our delicious Quebec salsas are proudly made with vegetables saved from a tragic fate!

Not only do they do their part for the environment, they are also made with 100% fresh tomatoes. We are the only ones to use fresh tomatoes to cook our products and even if it requires more work, we wanted to offer a product that offers a different texture, more delicate, but above all a taste that stands out for its freshness.

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