ly23554 Large reusable and compostable towel • Christie Creative - YOGA - KLIIN
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Large reusable and compostable towel • Christie Creative - YOGA

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Her name is Alex Christie and she is a yoga teacher in Montreal. She spent 7 years travelling around the world filling her journals with comics & illustrations. 

When she did her teacher training in India in 2016, she shared her notes on her Instagram account and it just took off from there !

Her goal ? To spread the positive effects of yoga (beyond the poses) to people who are curious about the practice. 
She has a book of illustrations coming out in the Spring ! Go get it !

Instagram :

Website :

But why KLIIN + Yoga ?
Aren't you feeling zen now with all the benefits your KLIINs have to offer, but even more knowing they are eco-friendly / compostable ? 


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