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Reusable and compostable towel Holidays Kit No8

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Treat yourself and your hosts (if we are allowed to visit each other during the Holidays).

The perfect hostess gift altogether useful, smart, cute, original while helping the planet.
You can also offer them to a new homeowner, or a friend, your brother or sister, a colleague or your kids.

If you wish, you can have the package delivered directly to their door !

KLIIN is a functional compact, machine-washable cleaning cloth that is, soft, super absorbent and compostable.

  • 3 small size KLIIN
  • 1 large size KLIIN
  • 1 KLIIN drying mat
  • 1 organic reusable food wrap XL
  • 1 5-sheet rolls in white
  • 1 large biodegradable compressed sponge
  • 1 dish cleansing paste 250g Citron
  • 1 tea towel ''GRAPEFRUIT'' from KeepHouse

Our 2020 kits include a useful, practical, sustainable free gift. In this kit, you will get a KLIIN roll up stainless steel drain tray. It's the perfect addition to our compostable and reusable drying mats. Being the exact same size, you simply place it on top of it. It allows air circulation for all dish parts to dry easily without retaining humidity.

It also fits over the sink so water can drip into the drain for drying dishes, pots and pans and glasses.

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