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How to minimize the environmental impact of waste and reduce the huge number of plastic bottles thrown in the garbage or recycling week after week? It’s easy:
Use our eco-friendly, biodegradable laundry sheets that come in a small, compact, eco-friendly box (20 sheets per box).

Fragrance: Fresh and KLIIN

This innovative, biodegradable and lightweight solution is portable, for use at home or during your travels.

✓Eco-friendly packaging
✓Effective in hot or cold water
✓For all types of washing machines
✓Free of added dyes
✓Free of chlorine bleach
✓Free of 1.4-dioxane
✓No animal testing

  1. Take one sheet from the box
  2. Place sheet in the washing machine 
  3. Add clothes

If only washing a small load, tear a sheet in half ! It's that simple !

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