Cleaning essentials for a new student apartment

by Marie-Pierre Berube September 16, 2021

So you just picked up your student apartment's keys... Naturally, this new journey isn't without its own challenges and obligations. It will certainly make going back to school even more thrilling and memorable! To live your best life, you should make sure to have your necessities kit at your place when you move in - and by necessities, we mean your household items. A thorough cleaning is definitely in order when you get there. To this end, KLIIN will assist you not only to invigorate your cleaning, but also to efficiently implement your new routine!

The big clean-up before moving in

Before you get settled, the apartment must be thoroughly cleaned! Who knows what kind of surprises you'll run into? Don't leave anything to chance! You will feel at home in your new apartment if you get off to a good start.

To this end, KLIIN offers a variety of cost-effective, easy to use, and environmentally friendly products at a good price - it's a perfect fit for students! You don't even have to worry about getting your hands dirty to get everything squeaky clean! Make sure to take these essentials with you: biodegradable compressed sponges, TWIST & KLIIN concentrated cleaning bio-pods, and KLIIN reusable towels! Better yet, all KLIIN products come in a small package that fits easily into a moving box!

Adopt good habits with efficient and eco-friendly products as soon as you move in. We are becoming increasingly more conscious of the impact that our decisions and behaviors have on the world. Our staff is eager to assist you in making the best out of your new life! When you invest into an environmentally friendly cleaning routine with KLIIN, you also invest in the wellbeing of future generations and yourself.

Get equipped for better cleaning! 

TWIST & KLIIN makes cleaning more fun than ever! These vibrant concentrated cleaning bio-pods snap onto a reusable bottle and they're good to go. Make sure to scrub all your appliances (including the inside of the refrigerator!), cupboards, closets, and mirrors... Everything in the apartment must be cleaned!

The compressed sponges are ideal for getting rid of stubborn stains in the kitchen and bathroom. Why not keep one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and one for the floors, as they come in a set of three? That's what we call multipurposes!

Our traditional reusable towels are also a must-have. KLIIN towels are a fantastic tool for cleaning, whether it's for a big clean like moving into a new apartment or for daily chores. Adorned with a variety of diverse designs for every taste, they offer a sense of sophistication to your interior.

Did you know that at KLIIN, we work with Quebec artists to bring an extra touch of joy into your home? We firmly support maintaining a clean living space and encouraging environmental awareness... all while looking good!

Eco-friendly cleaning with KLIIN every day

You must not give up now that the major clean is finished! Cleaning must have its place in your everyday schedule between your studies, your job, and your social life. Fortunately, we've thought of everything to make the process go as smoothly as possible!

Our products are both effective and simple to use. You can put your big clean supplies to use for your regular chores as well! They're also multifunctional, so you won't have to worry about cleaning and your studies at the same time! Compressed sponges and reusable towels, for example, are ideal for dishwashing.

It's even better when paired with our dish cleansing paste - unquestionably another apartment essential. The compact format, once again, reduces your environmental impact and lasts three times longer than a standard bottle of dish soap. You may even use the paste to clean your shower and appliances. It's the type of investment that will do good, both for the environment and your bank account!

Seeing as doing the laundry is another essential part of your regular routine, KLIIN provides you with biodegradable laundry sheets. Simply throw a sheet in the washing machine before you put the clothes - it's easy to do, and it's much better for the environment!

Don't forget to include your KLIINs and sponges when you launch a load in the washing machine or a dishwasher cycle! Both are perfectly equipped to clean your KLIIN products. It's a great way to save time; use it to enjoy yourself!


Returning to school and maintaining a tidy apartment absolutely go together! An eco-friendly cleaning routine can be simple and efficient if you have the right habits and tools at your disposal!

Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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