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Good habits start young

by Marie-Pierre Berube May 24, 2021

How do we teach our children to be environmentally conscious? It’s a big question when you’re a parent! Caring for the environment is our collective responsibility, and it’s never too early to teach our kids, whether they’re at home or at school, the importance of protecting the planet so that they too may cultivate good habits.

From raising awareness in our daily lives to putting into practice easy gestures, here are a few tips to help children become green.


Show them that recycling is child’s play

As World Environment Day approaches, which is celebrated every year on June 5, take this opportunity to teach your children about good recycling habits!

Show your kids that recycling is easy and fun! Make a game out of using everyday objects in new ways: use the bottom of a juice container to make a pencil holder or decorate a small glass yogurt container to make a candle holder. You’ll find plenty of DIY ideas and workshops to reuse objects instead of throwing them away and have fun while doing so.

You can also introduce your children to sorting waste, while explaining that glass and plastic do not disintegrate in nature, which is why it is essential to sort them for recycling. Practice showing them what goes into each bin so that they can do it on their own afterwards. Don’t forget to thank them for their actions, and they will take great pleasure in repeating this operation in the future!


Develop eco-friendly habits through household chores

Another way to teach little ones about environmentally friendly actions is to make them responsible for household chores. This has the added advantage of boosting their self-confidence!

Because our children will play such a big role in the planet’s future, we need to teach them about good practices early on in life. Household chores are a great way to do this, even with simple activities such as:

  • Putting away toys and clothes

  • Picking up dirty dishes and putting them in the dishwasher or sink

  • Helping to wash dishes with eco-friendly products

  • Taking out the garbage

  • Making their bed

  • Helping to prepare lunches for the next day

When preparing lunch, for example, talk to them about using recyclable and ecological products that save money and take care of the planet! For instance:



Observe nature while having fun

Kids love to play and get active outside. Use these precious moments to get out and enjoy the outdoors with them! Help them make sense of nature by walking in the dirt, looking at leaves, picking up stones… Children need to touch to understand their environment.

Why not use this time to introduce them to composting! Did you know that our KLIIN are compostable? Take this opportunity to show them how compost works and bury your used KLIIN in the garden!



Act green on a daily basis

Even when they are very young, children are receptive to rituals. If you don’t live too far from school, why not go on foot or by scooter? This will make the journey far more enjoyable, and you can talk about how you are actively participating in the protection of the planet. At home, set a good example by turning down the heat or closing the windows when the heat is on. Turning off the water or a light when not in use is also an easy way to show you care about the environment.

Teaching children about eco-citizenship can be done with joy and curiosity, as long as it’s presented in a positive light. Kids also enjoy learning good habits by looking at picture books that facilitate their understanding of ecology.

Last but not least, keep in mind that we must encourage our children in their efforts for the planet so that they may, in turn, pass these habits on to future generations.


Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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