KLIIN X Polybel: a good deed to start the year!

by Marie-Pierre Berube January 21, 2022

Our company culture revolves around being invested in the community. The whole KLIIN team has been delighted to invest in the Polybel High School for the past four years, which annually accepts young people with learning and adjustment issues, some of whom have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We are thrilled to have them as interns in our office and to witness their improvement firsthand, and it’s a delight to have the opportunity to help them advance professionally and personally. Thus we carry these good deeds onto the new year.

KLIIN X Polybel was born as a result of this amazing partnership. If you want to be a part of this meaningful exchange, read on to learn more about our collaboration and get our unique KLIIN X Polybel-signed reusable towels.

More on Polybel's specialized program

Employment preparation training is one of the benefits of the customized pathway for special needs students. Polybel wants to help children prepare for employability by allowing them to experience professional settings. As a result, they have a variety of internships in semi-specialized trades that they may apply for after completing their training. That's where KLIIN comes to help!

However, it's the students themselves that did the majority of the labour. They created a production line for KLIIN in 2018-2019 to get to final items that are ready to ship to shops. And that's just one of the amazing things they've achieved...



Giving back to make a difference

As a rapidly expanding business, KLIIN is eager to give back! What is the goal of our mission? To raise awareness of the Polybel program and the employment options available to its students. We seek to assist instructors in making their needs known while looking for internships or long-term positions. This is something we have been able to accomplish for a long time now. On top of that, we have also turned into a workplace for these students! Everyone benefits from such an experience, personally and professionally alike.

By the way! We could not pass up a reusable towel in the colours of Polybel's customized program because KLIINs are at the core of our company. Many of you supported us last year, and we sold 250 units! Thank you all very much!



Each unit sold has a direct influence on a local company that helps tomorrow's youth. Purchasing the KLIIN X Polybel reusable towel not only supports local businesses but also helps the kids. The biggest thank you we could ask for is witnessing a tangible improvement in the educational system. The classrooms were able to obtain school equipment, including a shredder, all thanks to your generosity. Even the smallest action can have a significant positive impact...



A new KLIIN signed KLIIN X Polybel

A new year means a new look! Purchase the new reusable and compostable towel in our online store and join the beautiful KLIIN X Polybel family. $2 will be contributed to the Polybel program's students once again for every unit sold. That's two good deeds in one!



The reusable towel, as always, is made entirely of natural fibers and can absorb up to 15 times its weight in liquid! Rest assured that KLIIN will greatly improve your house cleaning. The name of the towel speaks for itself... Everything is wiped clean; everywhere!

Did you know that a student in one of the specialized classes conceived the design for this KLIIN? The children have a lot of talent, and we are excited to show it off!

So, let us get started! Let us set a goal for ourselves this year. Let us band together to help the Beloeil Workplace Preparation Program's young participants! As an added benefit, the KLIIN will (or already has!) become an important element of your cleaning regimen. Visit our KLIIN's Engagement page to learn more about Polybel and our partnership!

Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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