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The essentials for a successful move

by Marie-Pierre Berube June 17, 2021

How to get organized? Where to start? Moving can be stressful when it comes to all the things that need to be planned before, during and after moving day. Wondering what are the essential products to buy to properly equip yourself for the move and how to use them? We’ll tell you everything you need in this article.

Simply follow the guide!


Prepare your move with a checklist

Moving day is fast approaching, and it’s important to be well prepared. With all the people moving during this period, it’s always best to book your movers or rent a moving truck in advance. In general, you can also rent a trolley or cart equipped with straps if necessary. Don’t forget to visit local grocery stores for cardboard boxes, which you can get for free.

Save flyers and newspapers for a few weeks beforehand to pack all your fragile objects in boxes. If this isn’t enough, you can also use bubble wrap and adhesive tape to secure things. Otherwise, an eco-friendly and effective trick is to use your clothes to wrap fragile items like dishes. This protects your precious objects and saves space since your clothes have to move too.

Finally, before leaving your current location, a little cleaning is always nice for future tenants. Disinfect surfaces with a reusable towel. Also, avoid packing your household cleaning supplies in boxes and plan a special box or bag to carry them as they will be the last used in your old home and often the first used in your new home.



Essential household products to clean your apartment

Because KLIIN is all about being squeaky clean, here is a list of essentials to scrub your new home:

  • Small and large KLIINs: there’s something for all tasks! With the Essentials value pack, you’ll be ready for any situation.

  • Cleaning wipes: in this pandemic period when disinfection is essential, choose our MAINFORTE multi-surface cleaning wipes specially designed to meet Health Canada standards.

Cleaning kits to make your life a little easier because we know there’s already a lot to think about during a move!


Things to have on hand during the move

Be ready when the movers or moving truck arrives. Once the truck is loaded, don’t forget to take a final tour of the apartment so that you don’t forget anything.

During the move, keep a separate bag with basics that you can use on the spot. This may include items such as a tape measure, gloves, a screwdriver, a pen, first aid kit with band aids and disinfectant, a broom or mop, and garbage bags.

Also think of washcloths, dish cleansing paste, sanitizer gel and reusable towels that will come in handy once you arrive in your new place.

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on water bottles, moist towelettes and snacks. These will be most appreciated after all the effort!


What’s left to do in your new place?

It’s done! After a lot of work, you’re finally in your new home! Before starting to unpack, take the time to sweep and mop the floors.

A few important steps will be necessary before you can put your things away. In the kitchen, start by cleaning the fridge and microwave with our new TWIST & KLIIN all-purpose degreaser. In the kitchen and in bedrooms, remember to clean the interior of cupboards and closets before unpacking and storing your things.

Did you know that all cleaners contain 70 to 90% of water? With TWIST & KLIIN, all you need is a 19-ml concentrated bio-pod and a reusable water bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water, TWIST the bio-pod and start cleaning! There’s nothing like it to save space and weight during your move. Take this opportunity to try our collection of TWIST & KLIIN bio-pods to clean your windows and mirrors. Cleaning has never been so much fun!

You’re now ready to equip yourself like a professional and move with greater peace of mind. Happy moving day everyone!

Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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