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Are you ready for spring cleaning?

by Marie-Pierre Berube May 01, 2020

Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Spring cannot be confined, and it’s starting to make its appearance. You know what that means? It’s time for spring cleaning (we’ll give you a minute to happy dance).

To help you with this task, we are giving you a list of 100% local, eco-friendly products to effectively clean your home in an environmentally friendly way.


Why don’t we start in the kitchen? 

The kitchen might not always get as much attention as it should on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are many effective products that can help make your kitchen sparkle:

  • KLIIN Dish Cleaning Paste
    A natural, biodegradable formula for washing dishes and all surfaces, all the while reducing water consumption.

Some key tasks:

  • Clean the oven.
  • Clean the range hood and replace it, if necessary (it hasn’t cleaned been since the Stone Age).
  • Thoroughly clean the microwave. (“It looks like a bomb went off in here!”)
  • Throw away expired food (“Oh, an old jar of fruit ketchup that Grandma gave us at Christmas…”)
  • Clean the dishwasher’s interior and exterior.

Let’s tackle the bathroom next

Although cleaning the bathroom is something we do regularly, there are certain aspects that are sometimes overlooked, like the once white towels that are now grey, or your spouse’s facial hair that has fallen under the sink.

Here are tools to help refresh your bathroom:

  • ATTITUDE Bulk Bathroom Cleaner
    It eliminates grime on shower curtains and ceramic. Also, by purchasing it in bulk, we are reducing plastic, all the while adding freshness to our bathroom.

Some key tasks:

  • Do a thorough cleaning of the bathtub, shower and toilet.
  • Clean the mirror (you can’t see yourself in the mirror anymore&mdashis that really you?)
  • Clean the towels, the mat and the shower curtain.
  • Soak the toothbrush holder in a cleaning solution.
  • Throw out old pill bottles or the 22 empty shampoo bottles sitting on the side of the bathtub.

We can’t forget about the living room 

After all the Netflix watching, a thorough cleaning of the living room is absolutely needed. Just think of the snacks that have fallen between the couch cushions or the TV screen covered with 4,000 fingerprints from your kids who watched Paw Patrol non-stop.

Here are 3 useful products:

Some key tasks:

  • Get rid of books you don’t read anymore, but that you are keeping just to look distinguished.
  • Get rid of those old decorations that you’ve kept just to be polite to those who gave them to you.
  • Clean the living room windows and TV screen.
  • Clean the remote control (if you can find it!)
  • Untie the knots in the wires of the 6 video game consoles, the TV and the computer.
  • Vacuum armchairs.

We have to think about the bedroom 

It’s time to clean the bedding. Goodbye dust mites!

Here are our suggestions of products to clean your bedding:

Some key tasks:

  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore.
  • Clean all sheets, bedspreads and pillowcases.
  • Flip the mattress over (a great rediscovery!)

Now, onto the kids’ playroom

There are lots of germs on toys, which we just love stepping on when we go to the bathroom in the dark at 2 in the morning.

Here’s a product that can help you: the Toy and Surface Cleaner by ATTITUDE.

Some key tasks:

  • Get your kids together and go through their unwanted toys to give away (these will become the favourite toys of less fortunate children).
  • Sort out the toys that will be kept.

Clean your yard and pool to get ready for summer

Even though you are confined, you can still enjoy your patio. Caring for outdoor furniture, the pool, and the patio will help you get ready for summer. In order to do so effectively, opt for the Care Kit for Pools and Outdoor Furniture by PURE.

Can we also clean Fido? 

While we’re doing a big clean-up, why not take this opportunity to give your pooch a bath to fresh him up for summer? ATTITUDE offers a range of grooming products for pets.

Use green, local products for your spring cleaning! 

You’re not only making a difference for the planet, but you’re also encouraging local businesses who need it most these days.

Purchasing local products is a great way to tell local businesses that #ItsGoingToBeOkay.

Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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