Eco-friendly practices, one step at a time!

by Marie-Pierre Berube February 22, 2022

Harmonizing our everyday activities and behaviours with our environment is what an eco-responsible lifestyle entails. It is also about evaluating our lifestyle habits to contribute to the development of a greener environment by making more conscious purchasing decisions.

Avoiding harmful household products, for instance, is beneficial to both your health and nature alike. Read on to learn a few simple ways for you to incorporate eco-friendly habits into your everyday routine.

Get rid of traditional paper towels

Do you know how many sheets of paper towels you have thrown away in your lifetime? Likely impossible to ever count... Have you considered using reusable and compostable towels instead of regular paper towels?

Our KLIIN roll is the ideal way to get started with this good new practice. Besides, these fabrics are even more absorbent than a standard paper towel.

Reusable towel sheets to keep your herbs fresh longer

In addition to being effective in cleaning up messes, reusable towels can also be used to help preserve food. Chives, parsley, and cilantro are notoriously difficult to keep fresh. If not properly placed in the refrigerator, these fresh herbs will rapidly go limp.

Wrapping the bundle of herbs in a reusable towel is a wonderful technique to keep them fresh. The moisture will be absorbed, as a result helping your herbs to stay fresh for longer. And our reusable towel rolls are great for that!

Time to say no to the plastic bottle of laundry detergent

Plastic is without a doubt one of the most serious environmental threats. Lots of popular household products, unfortunately, still come in single-use or non-recyclable plastic containers. An excellent example of this is laundry detergent jugs. Fortunately, you can find the ideal alternative at KLIIN, where you can buy 100 percent biodegradable laundry sheets in an environmentally-friendly box. Try them now!

Stay away from single-use products

Recycling entails more than simply tossing recyclables into the right bin. It is also about embracing the idea of repurposing an object or product for various uses.

Single-use plastic goods should definitely be avoided in this situation. Our reusable sandwich and snack bags, for example, are a great option for lunches, as are our large shopping bags for everyday purchases. We also have long-lasting bamboo utensils that can be used on your outdoor adventures.

Overall, always ask yourself if the product you buy can be used several times and, of course, if it will have a detrimental influence on the environment after it has been discarded.

Keep on learning every day

Ecologically friendly solutions are continually being developed. It is a little like technology; once you start using it, it is difficult to imagine your life without it.

As a result, KLIIN is constantly on the lookout for innovative methods to improve its environmentally conscious stance. Our firm strives to remain at the forefront of ecological sustainability, whether it is through the invention of innovative home products or by participating in community-focused activities, such as the POLYBEL school. Keeping up with our blog and our social media is a great way to learn more about how to make the world a greener place.

Get some fresh air while respecting nature

It is not just about being conscious of nature; it is also about enjoying it! Our products have the advantage of being able to join you in your outdoor activities without harming the environment.

When it is time for a snack, our reusable bags, biodegradable utensils, and KLIIN kits are the perfect companion. Our large reusable towels may also be used to clean your skis or wipe up a hot chocolate spill when you return home.

Start by adopting good habits

For it to truly work, adopting environmentally friendly behaviours has to become second nature. It simply takes a few minutes to understand how easy and affordable it is. What about you: what good habits do you practice on a day-to-day basis? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. We eagerly await your response!

Marie-Pierre Berube
Marie-Pierre Berube


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