Our adventure began with our famous cloths. An innovation in cleaning, our reusable towels are much more effective and can completely replace conventional paper towels and cleaning rags. Over time, our product line has expanded in keeping with our MISSION: to offer efficient, eco-friendly products of exceptional quality.

"We believe in cleanliness, and even more in the environment. We are the proof that it’s possible to clean and tidy up without creating waste and doing it in style, naturally."


Our story

Les indispensables pour un déménagement réussi
The essentials for a successful move

The big day is coming… and the stress is mounting! We’ve prepared a guide to help you prepare for your move and make sure you don’t forget anything. Follow the guide!

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Êtes-vous prêts pour le grand ménage du printemps?
Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning often means nice weather ! Here are a few local eco-friendly products to help you clean properly.  

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Des pratiques écoresponsables, un geste à la fois
Eco-friendly practices, one step at a time!

Learn a few simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment in your everyday life.

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KLIIN X Polybel : débuter l’année avec une bonne action!
KLIIN X Polybel: a good deed to start the year!

Get the brand new KLIIN X Polybel and learn more about the special needs students at Polybel High School in Beloeil.

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